OSHA Violations

OSHA Inspections and Citations

OSHA can conduct an unannounced visit (inspection) to any construction site or business.

OSHA may conduct a visit for a number of reasons.  Generally they are:

1.  A worker has been seriously injured on the job or has died as a result of a workplace injury.

 2.  A worker has filed a complaint with the local OSHA office.

 3.  A coordinated sweep of a specific geographical area and or a selected industry.


OSHA may issue a citation up to 6 months after their initial inspection.

Fines can vary greatly: from an administration fine of $ 250 for lack of, or improper, signage to a serious violation of $ 18,000, for allowing a worker to be exposed to a fall hazard (e.g. missing, inadequate, or damaged guardrailing).

Operation of equipment, such as a forklift, without proper training and certification, will also cause a serious violation to be issued.

OSHA requires numerous written programs, employee training, and mandatory signage posted at every job site.


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