On-Site Inspections

Onsite Safety Inspections

Each workplace and jobsite has its own set of workplace hazards that can create an unsafe working environment for your employees and cause your company to become non-compliant with Federal, State or local regulations.

OSHA Compliance Services specializes (OCS) in safety compliance services.  We are a certified Disable Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE).   We provide on-site services such as safety and compliance audits, site safety advisors and various compliance training.

OCS safety advisors can assist you in becoming and remaining in compliant by focusing on the workplace safety and compliance issues specific to the tasks and duties performed by your employees and sub-contractors.

OCS is equipped to effectively inspect your workplace for potential hazards and citations. Upon inspection, we will provide you with a detailed report listing the hazards or the potential of a hazard that will need to be addressed to ensure a safe and compliant working environment.

Onsite Safety Inspections are an ideal preventative measure to make sure your company does not receive costly citations or lawsuits resulting from hazardous working conditions.

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